Blog 8.7.22

Our book this week was ‘All Afloat on Noah’s Boat’ by Tony Mitton.  It tells the story of Noah’s Ark.  Noah's amazing Rainbow Ark is busy and noisy, and it's not long before the animals begin to get cabin-fever. Clever old Noah hatches a plan for an incredible creature cabaret to get the Ark swinging again with the caterpillars  amazing act appearing for the finale


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:


Writing – Write about what happened in the story

Maths – Draw two of each animal and count in twos

Funky Fingers – Use the tweezers to make a pop pom rainbow

Construction – Design and build an ark using the wooden blocks

Creative – Make a rainbow using strips of coloured paper

Outside – Collect some leaves to use as food for the animals


This week nearly every Nursery and Reception child did all their challenges.


On Monday, for the last time this term,  we got on the coach with the KS2 children.  This time we went to Pets at Home to look for things to do with water (as part of our ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’ topic’).  We looked at fish as they need water to live and went on a hunt for water bottles and water bowls. 


To help us remember the story we used pictures of the animals, we also drew a story map.  As part of our Understanding of the World we looked at pictures of male and female animals, we were surprised to find out that some of them look completely different.  We also learnt the names of some of them that we didn’t know before.


This week was our last music session with Mr Easton.  We have loved learning lots of new songs with him.  As part of our Noah’s Ark story this week we learnt some songs about the ark and the animals.


In maths the Reception children have been making amounts using 1p. 2p,5p and 10p.  The Nursery children have been ordering numbers to ten and using the language longer and shorter to compare different lengths.


To end the week we had a special treat of a trip to the park!


Next week our book will be ‘Mrs Lather’s Laundry’ by Allan Alhberg.