Blog 24.1.20

Our dragon story this week was ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’ by Julia Donaldson.  Some of our Rainbow Challenges this week have been linked to the story.  We have made  potions outside for Doctor Princess Pearl, labelled parts of Zog and written a sentence to describe him, used tracing paper to trace a picture of Zog, designed and made the castle that Princess Pearl was trapped inside, chose our favourite dragon book and wrote a book review and measured the lengths of different dragons.  All Reception children did all their Rainbow Challenges and Gold Challenges this week.  Well done Reception!

As our story was ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’ we found out about real flying doctors in Australia.  We found some information from books and we watched a video.  The Reception children wrote about what they could remember.

One of Starfish made a dragon puppet at home and were all inspired to make one too so Mrs Cotton helped us roll some paper and stick some crepe paper inside.  We had great fun blowing the flames!

We investigated mixing paint in the tuff tray this week.  We used different textured scrapers and foam brushes to make patterns in the paint.  We also explored different pattern and pictures we could make with the pattern blocks.  There were some fabulous creations!

In maths we have been doubling and halving, learning about switchers, ordering numbers, finding missing numbers and sharing different amounts between two and three people.

As part of our RE topic 'Special Places'  we have been learning about a gurdwara which is the special place where Sikhs go to worship.  We learnt that they have a kitchen where people can be fed and their special book is kept under a canopy.  In our classroom we have a model of a gurdwara that we can investigate.

We have so much fun learning outside and inside again this week.  Next week we are looking forward to finding out about Chinese New Year.