Homework Requirements:

- at least 4 times a week. All reading must be recorded on Boom-Read. Children who have at least 4 reading sessions recorded will get Dojo points and an extra playtime on a Thursday afternoon.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
- complete any pieces of SpellingShed work that have been set. 

- complete any pieces of MathsShed work that have been set.

- TTRS practice 4 x 5 minute sessions per week. Certificates are awarded on a Monday for the highest amount of minutes played the previous week.

- Learn Its practice (until on Ultimate)

Linked Learning
- one piece of extended linked learning from a menu to be handed in half-termly. This should reflect approximately 3 hours of work over the half term, and should be completed to a high standard. Homework will be shared in class during the last week of each half term, and verbal feedback will be given to the children.
All children are given the opportunity to choose a library book to bring home each week.  
Children will bring home a reading book aligned to a specific level.  It is expected that children practise their reading daily. Children are assessed each half term to ensure that books are appropriately challenging for them.  The assessment is a combination of accuracy, fluency and comprehension.
All children have Boom Reader log ons.  It is expected that parents log their reading (home books, school library books/story sacks and reading practice). Those children that have at least 4 sessions in a week logged will have an additional playtime, whilst those that don't have time to practise their reading with a member of staff.
New books will not be issued until previous ones are returned.  If books are not returned/lost a charge will be made to cover the cost of purchasing new ones.