Summer 24 - LKS2 Visit to Edinburgh

Our class blog about our unforgettable school trip to Edinburgh. We embarked on a thrilling adventure as we journeyed up to the majestic city by train. Arriving at the iconic Waverley station, we hopped onto the open-top bus that took us to the fascinating Dynamic Earth. En route, we immersed ourselves in the wonders of history with the entertaining Horrible Histories tour guide, enriching our knowledge along the way. Upon arrival, we eagerly made our way to the captivating planetarium, where we delved into the mysteries of time, exploring the formation of our planet and its evolution through the ages. Glimpsing into the future, we pondered upon the Earth's potential destiny. Our educational journey continued as we ventured through diverse climates, understanding the implications of climate change and embracing the concept of sustainability. Exploring the impact of global population growth on our planet, we were enlightened on the importance of conservation. Engaging in an awe-inspiring show, we witnessed the birth of the solar system, marvelling at the intricate dance of atoms shaping our universe. Refuelling with a delightful lunch, we eagerly participated in a volcanic workshop, examining various rock types and unravelling their volcanic origins. A day filled with learning, discovery, and camaraderie, our Edinburgh trip will be etched in our memories forever.