Worship by the Waves 10.05.24

This week we heard about St Cuthbert in Worship by the Waves.  St Cuthbert was a shepherd boy.  One night Cuthbert received a vision. He first saw a totally black sky. Then suddenly a bright beam of light moved across it. In the light were angels carrying a ball of fire up beyond the sky. Sometime later, Cuthbert found out that on the night of the vision, the bishop, St Aidan, had died. From one village to another, from house to house, St Cuthbert went on horse or on foot. He did good everywhere and brought many people to God. Cuthbert was cheerful and kind. People felt attracted to him and no one was afraid of him. There is a story that one night St Cuthbert went out into the North Sea to pray.  He walked into the water and stood up to his neck in the sea. He would have got very cold. The story says that when he came out sea otters wrapped themselves around his feet to bring him  warmth.  St Cuthbert's body has been laid to rest in Durham Cathedral and can be visited today.
We had some reflection time looking out into the North Sea and thinking what it must have been like for St Cuthbert.