Worship by the Waves 17.05.24

Today we heard about St Hilda in Worship by the Waves.  St Hilda was a princess so her colour is the royal purple.  St Hilda became a nun Bishop Aidan of Lindisfarne spotted her ‘potential’. She looked after lots of different religious communities and then supervised the creation of a large monastery at Whitby.   Whitby Abbey became a centre for prayer and worship.  In Hilda's monastery there was a monk called Caedmon who was  gifted in music - whenever he heard a passage from the Bible, he could turn it into verses of amazing poetry using English, his native language.   There is also a story that says  St Hilda rid the area of snakes by turning them into stone. The ammonite fossil commonly found around Whitby is called Hildoceras in honour of St Hilda.
We drew some snakes in the sand and thought about the amazing woman that St Hilda was.