10 May 2024


This week’s beach session started - as always - with Mrs Popay leading our Worship by the Waves, this week the children learned about St Cuthbert. 

We then started our session with Mrs Brealey leading PSHE where the children discussed careers and what skills they may need to gain the specific type of career in the future. We do have a wide range of different vocations within this class!

Then moving on to History where we were transported to Ancient Egypt, continuing with our learning about mummification the children followed different steps to mummify a tomato. We even washed the tomato in the River Nile (North Sea). Next we will unwrap the bandages to see how the process has developed. 

English was our next session, we read some more of our book Secrets of a Sun King, the children then recapped the different events that the main character Lilian had to go through to get to this stage of the story, they then wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Lil.


After our regular pit stop at the Golf Club, we went back to the to begin PE. Discussing the different skills in which we had learnt - catching, bowling, batting and throwing. The class the split into teams of 5 and began to learn their teamwork skills, being able to utilise the different positions on the field to help get the player from the other team out. After this, we then took part in a game. 

Finally, after a busy day, we then began investigating the different tide times and being able to extract information from the table. The children solved different calculations that included a variety of measurements including time and metres. 

We then headed back to school!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 


This year is 25 years since the first ‘That’s not my………’ book was published.  We spent some time looking at lots of different ‘That’s not my…..’ books.  We loved exploring the different textures.  The Reception children then made a list of lots of different describing words.  We then made our own book ‘That’s not my beach…….’.  The Reception children then each wrote a page for our book:

That’s not my beach the sand is too silky.

That’s not my beach the seaweed is too rough.

That’s not my beach the sea is too cold.

That’s not my beach the rocks are too bumpy.

That’s not my beach the shells are too shiny.

That’s not my beach the sand dunes are too high.

That’s my beach the sand is so sparkly.

The children thought really hard about how to spell the words.  What a brilliant job they did!

After that we continued with our PE from last week, using the scoops to catch and practising our throwing.  We are getting much better.

We then played shell snap, looking for two shells that were identical.  It was quite tricky and we really had to look closely.  We then played stone snap and the was even trickier!  It was really hard to find two stones that were identical. 

After lunch we listened to the special story of ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’.  This story shows us that everyone can have a different view of the same thing based on their own view of the world, personal experience, language, and knowledge.

We finished our beach school today with a treasure hunt finding things that were round, straight, spiky, smooth, rough, longer than our finger and smaller than our  finger nail.

It was a beautiful warm day on the beach today!  After learning about St Cuthbert in Worship by the Waves we headed off to the rockpools.  We discussed safety on rocks, especially those that are often underwater, and discussed the fact that it was due to be a very low tide, and that the tide was still going out, so it was fine to go on the rocks.  We discussed what might be found in the rockpool habitat and then shared out some identification sheets.  We worked in groups of 3 to investigate, and help each other on the rocks.  We managed to find a wide range of different seaweeds and sea creatures (mainly arthropods).  After snack we got out our sketch books and drew some of the things that we could see.  We focussed on looking carefully at the details.  Then we used the ipads to take some close-up pictures of different things that we could find.  We chose our favourite ones to keep.  We went up to the golf-club to write about what we had seen in the rockpools.  After lunch we did some yoga, and learned a couple of new positions - we enjoyed doing Lion - roaring at the sea. We then did some maths, practising our quarter turns clockwise and anticlockwise - we definitely need more practice!  After that we did some music.  We used the egg shakers to think about different ways we could represent the sea in different conditions, added in some body percussion and sounds, and then worked in groups of 3 to compose a seascape to share with the class.

This week at Beach School, We started with Worship by the Waves, where we explored the life of St Cuthbert. In English, we delved deeper into our text, analysing it with great detail. By dissecting the language, we gained a comprehensive understanding of its meaning and significance. Getting physically active, we engaged in football drills to prepare ourselves for the upcoming KS2 Football Tournament. Our teamwork and coordination skills were put to the test as we practiced various techniques on the sandy pitch. But it wasn't all about physical exertion. We also embraced the tranquillity of the seaside as we practiced mindfulness and meditation. Sitting by the soothing waves, we cleared our minds and found inner peace, rejuvenating both our bodies and spirits. And to top it all off, we constructed composite volcanoes in the sand, using our creativity and imagination to bring them to life. We watched in awe as the waves crashed against them, eventually eroding our masterpieces.