14 June 2024


Our beach school book this week is ‘Splash, Anna Hibiscus’ by Atinuke’  In the story Anna is at the beach. It’s very hot and what better way to cool off than by playing in the jumpy, splashy waves? “Come and splash in the waves with me!” shouts Anna Hibiscus. But everyone, including Grandmother and Grandfather, Chocolate, Benz, Wonderful, Joy, Clarity and Common Sense, are much too busy to wave-jump! So, it’s just Anna Hibiscus and the white waves. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Anna shouts happily, and soon her happy cheers bring everyone to the water.


The beginning of the story begins with; The sun is hot.  The sand is hot.  The laughing waves are splashing.  We thought about some sentences to describe our day at the beach.  We then put them altogether to make a poem.  We called it ‘Embleton Beach’.


Embleton Beach


The sea is too wavy.

The beach is cold.

The weather is windy.

The rocks are hard.

The sea is splashy.

The beach is a bit rocky.

The sand is cold.

The sea has so many waves.

And the marram grass is spiky.


After we had written our poem we looked at some of the illustrations in the book and we recreated some of them by doing a ‘freeze frame’.  It really made us think about what was happening in the story.


We then went for a walk to collect some shells for an activity next week and we were amazed to see lots of jellyfish.  We knew not to touch them but enjoyed looking at them and seeing their purple colour.


After collecting shells we played football like Benz and Wonderful in the story.  When we were playing football it started to rain so we made the parachute into a tent to keep dry!  When we were under there we made up a song to the tune of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.  We changed the words to create a beach version.  We thought of lots of different verses.  When the rain had stopped we walked up to the golf club for lunch and as more rain was forecast for the afternoon we headed back up the hill to school.

This week at beach school, our focus was on exploring the stunning coasts and various coastal features that Embleton boasts. We embarked on a picturesque walk from the sandy shores to the bird hide, meticulously crafting sentences to articulate the diverse aspects of the beach. Subsequently, we strolled back, engrossed in the beauty of our surroundings, before engaging in a session of mindfulness upon our return to school.