The school has a current roll of 60 children, with classes of mixed age and ability, composed of both boys and girls.

If you would like to transfer your child from a different school to ours please speak to the school office in the first instance to confirm whether there are available spaces and to book an opportunity to come and have a look round.  Once a space has been confirmed as available please complete the Local Authority's In Year Transfer request.

For children starting in Reception, parents are required to complete the Local Authority Reception Entry Application.  The window for applications opens on 1 November of the year prior to the child starting, and closes at the end of the following January.  Parents are notified of their allocated place in the April of the year that they will start in Reception.  Children are admitted into the Reception year group, as far as possible, at the beginning of the school year after their fourth birthday.  The school year starts on 1st September.  Admissions criteria and arrangements are aligned to the Local Authority admissions policy.

Children are eligible for a nursery place from the date of their 3rd birthday.  Places are allocated in the order of admissions applications received.  The school also provides a number of spaces for children to access their funded nursery entitlement.  This is offered as up to 30 hours.  Sessions are available as either half day (8.40-12.00 or 12.00-3.10), or full day (8.40-3.10) blocks.  There may be some scope for a portion of the 30-hours entitlement to be taken as ‘wraparound’ to extend the care beyond the school day.  Parents are encouraged to speak to the school about their individual requirements. 

For additional information please see the attached Admissions Policy.  

Information regarding Northumberland School Admissions can be found here.

Please email the school for a Nursery Application Form -

Should you request a place at our school and not be allocated one, you have a right to appeal.  You must lodge a written appeal no more than 25 school days from the date of notification of your unsuccessful application.  This will be responded to in writing within 5 school days from receipt, and will provide you with a full timetable of deadlines for appeal.