At Embleton Primary School we hold a daily act of collective worship that involves members of the school community coming together and participating in worship.

The aims and purpose of collective worship are:

  • to provide an opportunity for the children and staff to worship God;
  • to enable children to consider spiritual and moral issues;
  • to enable children to develop and explore their own beliefs;
  • to encourage participation and response;
  • to develop in children a sense of community spirit;
  • to promote a common ethos with shared values and to reinforce positive attitudes;
  • to show children how to worship.

Worship is frequently led by the Headteacher, other members of staff, the local clergy, or other representatives of local religious groups.   'Worship by the Waves' takes place during our Weekly Beach School Sessions.

Please see our Collective Worship Page to see some of the things we have been exploring during our worship sessions.

The children were asked about their understanding of what prayer was.  Here are some of their responses:
I think the prayers tell people that God is always with them even if he is not talking to you he is still
with you. Even if things in the future don’t go right it is for a reason. God will always care for you and
protect you so keep believing and there will be hope as long as you live.

Prayers are about saying what people are thankful for and to pray if they are worried. If you pray
God is with you god loves you and god will protect you.

Prayers make Christians feel better about themselves. To most Christians it’s like having a
conversation with a best friend. God will try his best to get it done.

A prayer is what a Christian says to God and different prayers are about different things. Prayers give
Christians hope and faith, they also make them feel that they are connected to God. Also it makes
Christians believe that God loves them.

Christians pray so themselves, their family and their friends can have a better life. Christians also
pray if something isn’t going their way or if they are worried.

I think prayer means that you always have someone to talk to even in tough situations. You can ask
your special person anything you can tell him secrets and worries. He listens and sometimes makes
miracles come true. But his way of life isn’t always what he wants to happen. His name is God.

I think that prayer means you can always tell God if you are sad or you can tell God a secret God
always listens.

Prayers are good for Christians because it helps them to think God is with them. I think prayers are
good. You can pray for hope and love. Prayers help Christians to think.

Prayers tell Christians to have faith in God and always have hope. Also I think it’s a great example of
how to live.

I think you can tell anything like hopes and dreams he is known by the name of God he will always
protect you and care for you even if things are not going as you planned he will always love you and
be there for you.