26th April 2024

This week, in Maths, we have been continuing to look at multiplication and division with a focus on arrays.  We have been using a range of different resources to help make the arrays and drawing pictures to match.  Year 2’s have also been looking at the ‘x’ symbol and what it means.  They have been thinking about synonyms for ‘groups of’.

In English this week we began to read our class text ‘Lila and the secret of the rain’.  We started to draw a story map to help us remember the story.  We stopped at the part where Lila was talking to her grandfather who told her about a man who knew the secret of the rain.  We discussed with our partners about what we thought the secret was.  We all had some good ideas.  I wonder if you know what the secret of the rain might be?

In computing, we were learning to use the backspace/delete button as well as practising our keyboard typing skills.  We also talked about needs and wants in PSHE.  We found out that a lot of our needs are actually just things we want such as IPads and toys.  These are luxury items that we can do without if necessary however life is just a lot easier with them.  This made some of the children stop and think and re-evaluate what was important in life.  In History we continued to look at The Wright Brothers.  We talked about how we know all of the information about them and about how useful eye witness accounts were.  We talked about what an eye witness was too.  We then did some acting out of the first flight then talked about how all of the people there would have been feeling.  Our art this week was looking at the primary colours and seeing if we could make secondary colours.  First of all we had to talk about what a secondary colour was then we went to our tables to investigate what colours were made after mixing two primary colours together.  In our RE lesson we were talking about what it means to feel safe and we discussed where are safe places were.  We also talked about what makes our safe place safe. 

STAR OF THE WEEK this week went to JESSIE.  Jessie has been using some lovely adjectives in her writing recently.  Well done Jessie.

BIG MATHS PROMOTIONS go to EMILIE, EMILY B and ROSIE BR.  Well done you three – keep up the good work. 

Have a good weekend

Miss Murray