19th April 2024

Welcome back after the break.  Hopefully you will have been able to enjoy it despite the weather being so rubbish!  Typical isn’t it.  It was great to see everyone back in school this week.  We talked all about their holidays and what they got up to.  It was nice to hear all about their adventures – some even going to the other side of the world for two weeks!

We got straight back into our learning this week and began looking at multiplication in Maths.  We have been looking at equal groups; recognising them, making them equal and adding them.  In English we began looking at our new text for this half term which is ‘Lila and the Secret of the Rain’ by David Conway and Jude Daly.  The story is set in Kenya and tells the story of a poor village suffering from terrible drought.  We talked about different weathers and discussed which one was our favourite and gave reasons for this.  We looked at some pictures of Kenya and found it on the world map.  We also used Google Earth to see what it looks like.  Once we had found out what it was like in difference parts of Kenya we used some of the images and wrote some descriptive sentences.  We used adjectives and describing nouns phrases.

On Monday we heard all about Arthur’s arctic expedition to Antarctica – it sounded like he had an amazing time and was able to recall lots of things from his trip.  On Tuesday he brought in the diary he had been keeping whilst aboard the ship – the children were keen to have a look at it and look at all the pictures. 

In history this half term we are looking at ‘how did we learn to fly’.  On Tuesday we took a look at who the ‘Wright Brothers’ were and why they are significant people in the word of aviation.  We looked at the first successful piloted engine-powered aeroplane and compared it to some of the planes we see today.  We were practising our ball skills in PE with Sam on Wednesday and we also looked at Piet Mondrian in art on Thursday.  We looked at his use of primary colours and then had a go at recreating his work.

I handed out lots of certificates on Thursday for our Big Maths!  Well done everyone.  PROMOTIONS this week are for: ARCHIE, EMILIE and EMILY B.  Well done to you three.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Murray