This week in Seal Class, we have been continuing our learning. We have been building our knowledge about our English term book ‘The Bluest of the Blues’ and who Anna Atkins is. We have written a diary entry using their prior knowledge about the book. In maths, we continued looking at fractions focusing on how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa in Y4. In Y3 maths, we were learning about what an improper fraction is and what a mixed number is. Then we came together as a class on Thursday to add fractions together that had the same denominator. In science, we continue to learn about light. This week, we focused on how reflective materials can be important and what jobs include reflective materials. We continued to look at Pentecost in RE, our local council in PSHE and how to log data in computing. Our Star of the Week was Beatrice for her amazing perseverance when writing her recount of Pompeii erupting.