Research and Writing

We have continued our fascinating journey with beetles in our research and writing sessions. The children have delved deep into the world of these incredible creatures and have created informative fact files to present their findings. They have employed a success criteria to ensure their non-fiction texts are complete with all the necessary features.

Maths: Fractions

In our mathematics lessons, we have been delving into the realm of fractions. This week, we focused on adding and subtracting fractions. They have been developing their understanding of this fundamental concept and applying their knowledge to solve a range of mathematical problems.

Science: Shadows

The science lessons have been all about shadows this week. Our young scientists have been investigating how shadows are formed. Through a series of engaging experiments and observations, they have gained a deeper understanding of this phenomenon and how light interacts with objects to create shadows.

Geography: Living Near Volcanoes

In geography, we explored the advantages and disadvantages of living near volcanoes. The children had stimulating discussions and researched the impact of volcanic activity on communities. They were able to identify both the benefits and challenges of living in such proximity to these formidable natural phenomena.

Understanding Earthquakes

Continuing with geography, we delved into the fascinating world of earthquakes. The children were captivated as they learned about the causes and effects of earthquakes. They gained valuable insights into why these seismic events occur and how they shape the Earth's surface.

Computing: Volcano Presentations

In computing, they honed their presentation skills by creating captivating presentations about volcanoes. They used technology to enhance their delivery and engage their audience. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to convey their knowledge and develop their communication skills.