17th May 2024

This week started with good news!  Whilst out on our school trips last week we received some lovely comments about how well-behaved Puffin class were and how much they were a credit to the school.  These positive comments continued whilst out at Eshott Airfield on Wednesday morning.  Puffin class you have made myself and Mrs Threlfall so proud – well done superstars!

On Wednesday we went down to Eshott Airfield.  Whilst there we looked a range of vintage aircrafts and even got to sit in some of them.  This excited the children so much.  On our way back to the minibus we even got to see an aircraft take off and then he did a flypast especially for us!  The children learned so much from the morning and saw first hand how the aircrafts differed throughout the years.

Back in class we looked at division.  We were learning to share things out equally and the year twos were using the division symbol.  We looked at speech in English.  We were learning to write speech bubbles as well as thinking of synonyms for ‘said’ to make our writing more interesting. 

In History we looked at Neil Armstrong and the moon landing.  We talked about why it is a significant event before thinking about how he must have been feeling at various stages from preparation to landing.  We had PE with Sam where we were practising using different parts of our foot to control the ball and on Thursday we looked at using a secondary colour to create hues/shades in art.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week was EMILY H.  This is because Emily was able to retrieve lots of historical knowledge whilst out at Boulmer as well as behaving just the way Embleton Expects.  Well done Emily.

BIG MATHS promotions this week go to ROSIE BE and a double promotion to PENNY.  Well done.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Murray