This week in Seal Class, we have been very busy continuing our learning. We have been building up to writing a recount of Mount Vesuvius erupting. We starting the week by focusing on setting descriptions and writing about how Pompeii might have been on the day thinking about our 5 key senses. We then moved on from this to look at how the author used powerful verbs to build up the suspense in the text before drawing our own volcanoes and labelling them with some very powerful verbs. This then allowed us to write a recount based on us being there on the day that the volcano erupted. In maths, we continued looking at our fraction work focusing on comparing and ordering mixed numbers and improper fractions for the Y4s and looking at non-unit fractions in Y3. In computing, we started to look at data logging by observing some videos and answering questions by counting certain things this allowed us to see advantages and disadvantages of trying to collect data certain ways alongside trying to answer set questions from the data collected which isn’t always possible. We continued to look at the ascension of Jesus and drew our own interpretation of this in RE. This week’s Star of the Week is Marley C, for her hard work and perseverance in maths.