Blog 20.1.23


This week our book of the week was ‘Gigantosaurus’ by Jonny Duddle.  In the story

Bonehead, Rocky, Bill, and Tiny,  four young dinosaur friends, set off on a Gigantosaurus hunt, They search far and wide, through jungles, rivers, and more, meeting all kinds of dinosaurs along the way. Eventually, unbeknownst to them, they end up inside the mouth of the very dinosaur they fear the most!


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:


Writing – Write the names of the dinosaurs in the story

Maths – Fill the dinosaurs with Numicon

Funky Fingers – Rescue the dinosaurs from the elastic bands

Outside – Make a meal for Gigantosaurus

Creative – Paint a forest and cut out a dinosaur to put in the forest

Playdough – Use playdough to make a dinosaur


We did a great job of completing our challenges this week.  Nearly all the Reception children completed their challenges. 


This week we started our ‘Long, long ago’ topic.  Lots of us love dinosaurs and we know that they lived in the past.  We made a list of everything we could think of that we know about dinosaurs.  We know that they roar loudly, some have sharp claws, some have sharp teeth, some have big feet, they are different colours, they are scary and are different sizes.  We are looking forward to finding out lots more about dinosaurs this term.  Our new role play area is a dinosaur investigation area.  We can find out about different dinosaurs and dig to find dinosaur bones.


In maths the Reception children have been learning about measuring and how to use the balances.  They have also been practising pairs of number that make ten. The nursery children have been practising counting accurately and matching numbers to amounts.


In Read, Write Inc some children have been learning ‘special friends’ of ‘th’ and ‘sh’ and other children have been recapping the letters m,a,s,d,t,I,n,p and g.  The nursery children have been listening to different sounds and have been following instructions.  They have also continued to play some rhyming games.


In the tuff tray this week we have been crushing rice crispies with the dinosaurs feet, used the balances with Numicon, filled jars with coloured rice, explored soapy water with whisks, and balanced marbles on a cupcake stand using tweezers.  When the rice crispies were in the tuff tray we wanted to make crispie cakes so Mrs Cotton asked us what we needed to make them and she bought the ingredients and helped us to make them.  We had them for our snack – they were yummy.  We even let the teachers have one!


Our RE this term is ‘Special Places’.  This week  we looked at our painted pictures from last week and thought about how we could look after our special places.  Lots of us said that we could keep them tidy and put rubbish in the bin.


Next week we will be learning about Lunar New Year.