Blog 21.10.22

This week we heard the true story of a real life local superhero who lived a long time ago.  We found out about what Grace Darling did.

 Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to Grace Darling:

Writing – Write about Grace Darling

Maths –  Make a red and white repeating pattern that looks like a lighthouse

Funky Fingers – Follow the instructions to draw a lighthouse

Construction – Build a lighthouse using blocks

Creative – Make a weather chart

Reading – Choose a page in a Grace Darling book that you find interesting

 We did a great job of completing our challenges this week.

 In maths this week the Reception children have been practising their doubles and halves and practising writing numbers the correct way round.  The nursery children have been investigating patterns. 

 We learnt that Grace Darling rowed out in a coble to save the sailors.  Miss Rutter brought in her model coble to show us and we found out why they painted different colours.  Miss Rutter’s coble is red and white because that is the colour of cobles from Seahouses. 

 We also all made a lighthouse using a paper cup and put a candle tealight at the top for the light.  We spoke about different types of weather and decided that Grace Darling was very brave to go out in a storm.  This week we kept a weather chart it was very cloudy and rainy this week.  

 After half term we will be back in our school!  We are very excited as some of us have never been into Starfish classroom before!  Our new topic will be ‘Heads and Tails’ when we will find out about different animals.