Blog 4.11.22

We were so happy and excited to be back in our own classroom this week instead of being in the Creighton Hall.  It was great to have so much space and to have so many different resources to play with and to use.
This week we focused on getting back in the routine of being in our classroom.  We explored all the different areas and learnt how many children are allowed in each area at one time.  This is to keep us safe and to make sure that we use the area properly.
We have all learnt to make paint by mixing the powder paint with water.  We have experimented using different colours and mixing them together.  We have also used different resources to make models.
At the Creighton Hall we only use playdough for dough disco so it was great to me able to make our own playdough again and use all the tools in our playdough area.
This week we took a delivery of some new life size foam building bricks which will go in our outside area but when we opened the huge box we were able to play with them inside this week.  Lots of children worked together to make a pizza oven.
We have continued with our phonics and maths and some of us told some fantastic stories as part of our Helicopter Stories session.  There was a new song for Dough Disco this week and a new song for 'Squiggle While Your Wiggle' and 'Pen Disco' We also had great fun turning a box into a car this week adding to it each car using what we know about cars!
We also learnt about Bonfire Night and why we have fireworks.  We made some firework pictures, using paint, in the tuff tray to take home. 
Our theme this term is ' Legs and Tails' and our story will be 'Oi Frog!' by Kes Grey and Jim Field.