26th January 2024

This week, in English, we have been looking letters; we discussed why we might send a letter and who to.  We then identified a range of key features and highlighted these on an example of a letter.  We then had a go at writing a letter, making sure we added in some of those key features we had been discussing.

In maths we continued to look at shape, talking more about edges, faces and vertices.  We also used the geoboards to make a range of 2d shapes.  This was so much fun!

We continued to make up some more dance routines in PE, continuing along with our winter theme.  In Music we explored pitch as well as tempo.  We were making up a short song using our superhero name adding in a range of different tempos and pitches.  For Art this week we were learning how to tie knots.  This is an important skill we might need to use on our final piece so we spent some time going over the steps on how to tie them.  After we had mastered the knots we moved on to plaits!  This proved trickier than the knots but we all used lots of perseverance and not one of us gave up!  Super proud of you Puffins.

In RE we looked at some facts about Muslims, learnt about the Qur’an and reminded ourselves about the 5 Pillars of Islam.  We then looked at a World map and identified the countries that have the highest Muslim populations.  We plotted these on our own blank copy of the World map.  We then used an atlas to name some of these countries.


STAR OF THE WEEK this week went to Lucy.  She worked hard, followed the instructions and worked independently during our art lesson on wool wrapping.  Well done Lucy.

BIG MATHS PROMOTIONS this week go to Rosie BE and LUCY.  Both girls got promoted on their CLIC, which means they have got 10/10 for the last 3 weeks.  Keep up the hard work – Well done.

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe and have fun

Miss Murray