13 October 2023


Our book at the beach today was ‘Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas.  After the listening to the story and talking about our feelings we wrote a list of the different colours of the Colour Monster.

At the end of the story the little girl helps the colour monster to sort the colours into jars.  We went on a colour hunt along the beach and in the sand dunes collecting different colours and putting them in our own special jars.

For our PE on the beach today we practised throwing bean bags into hoops.  We tried to throw the same coloured bean bag into the same coloured hoop. 

We then looked at the sky and around the beach using different coloured viewers.  We found out that if we put the blue and yellow one together it looked green and when we put the red and yellow together everything looked orange.

For our maths on the beach we used shells and stones to make patterns.  Some of us used different sizes for our patterns, some of used different colours and some used different types of stones and shells.  After lunch at the golf club we headed back to school.



Yoga Sequences

In pairs, we created our own yoga sequences using the knowledge and skills we have gained throughout this term. Working collaboratively, we carefully selected and combined poses that felt right for our sequences. We then had the opportunity to teach our sequences to other classmates, explaining our choices and the purpose behind each pose. It was amazing to see how everyone's creativity and understanding of yoga shone through!


Skeletons in the Sand

Next, we spent time learning the human skeleton by cutting out the different parts to make our own diagram and then labelling the key bones in the skeleton. To make it even more fun, we practiced the skeleton song, adding a musical touch to our learning experience.


Number lines

We challenged ourselves with number lines, aiming to improve our skills in this area. It was something we found a bit tricky this week, but with determination and perseverance, we tackled the challenge head-on.


Gumboot Dance and Sequencing

To keep our energy levels high, we took a break from academic tasks and indulged in some rhythmic fun. We practiced our gumboot dance, synchronizing our movements and working on adding more sequences into the routine. Through this activity, we honed our team-building skills, problem-solving abilities, and perseverance, all while having a blast!

After Worship by the Waves we did some PE.  We started off by running up and down the dunes to build the strength in our legs and core.  Then we found stones to throw for target practice. We  worked out that bigger stones were more successful.  We focussed on accuracy when throwing, thinking about arm positioning.
We then did some maths, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as saying the months of the year, and how many minutes in an hour, seconds in a minute and hours in a day.  We worked out which month had the most birthdays in the class (October).  We then had some snack before doing our creative writing.  We have been thinking about describing using different senses, and wrote about what we could see, hear and feel.  Some people even used personification (but don't tell the Year 6s!)  We then continued our science discussions about materials and looked in particular at what made our waterproofs waterproof (when we got back to school we learnt about how waterproof material was invented too). We then had some time exploring in the dunes before lunchtime.
We started off our session with PE, joining the Seals for yoga.  We worked in groups to make different sequences, thinking carefully about our breathing and maintaining strong shapes.  Next we did some creative writing.  We thought about when the Vikings invaded Lindisfarne in 793 AD, and looked out to sea, imagining ourselves to be the monks seeing the longboats coming over the horizon.  We also thought about how the Vikings might have felt as they came over the horizon, and saw the monastery on the island.  We then wrote from both perspectives.  When we had finished our writing, we used resources that we could find on the beach to create our own designs for Viking shields.  We thought about the elements like the metal rim and boss to make them good attacking and defensive weapons, and created patterns to represent our personalities.