3 May 2023


Our book at the beach today was ‘Colourful Coronation’ by Marion Billet.  In the story King Charles III is on his way to Westminster Abbey to be crowned. He meets the colourfully dressed people one by one, from beefeaters in blue to a very yellow lollipop man. But before long, he realises he's very, very late! He just about makes it to Westminster Abbey in time for his coronation!

After listening to the story, with the help of one of Orca’s who was King Charles III, we made a list of all the colours we could remember in the story.

In maths the nursery children continued learning about shapes by looking for shapes on the beach and drawing some in the sand.  The Reception children ordered numbers to twenty and were able to find the missing numbers in their number lines.

After maths we went on a colour hunt in the sand dunes.  We looked for things that were the colours in our story and stuck them on a card. 

In PE we danced with some coloured scarves and continued practising our throwing and catching.