Worship by the Waves 28.6.23

After we had completed the North East children’s cancer run this morning we had our weekly Worship by the Waves.  We started by thinking that the money we have raised may only be a small amount but it will be part of a much larger amount when lots of people all work together.  Sometimes things can seem like too big a problem for us to help with. It’s easy to feel that we can’t do very much. We heard a story about a little sparrow who is told she can’t make a difference, but still tries to help. Her actions inspire others, making them want to join in and help too. 

We said a prayer that asked for us to have courage to face big problems and help others even if that seems too small to make a difference.  While we were saying the prayer we drew flames and birds to remind us of the story.


We finished by singing ‘Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed’.