29 September 2023


Our book at the beach today was ‘Stone Boy and the Girl’ by Sally Hopgood.  In the story a sad girl notices that a pebble looked as if it had a smiling face.  She added other pebbles and some seaweed hair to make a boy entirely of stone.  Stone Boy met a crab and they worked together to cheer her up.  We discussed what it meant in the story when it said ‘the sea came closer and closer’.  We thought about other adventures that Stone Boy might have had and we spoke about why the girl was sad and what makes us sad.

 This week we used our sketch books to draw Dustanburgh Castle.  The made sure that we drew the cliffs and then the castle on top.

The tide was a long way out today and we could see some rocks that are normally hidden by the sea.  We took our buckets to collect some stones as we walked to the rocks.

 We drew a face on our biggest stone and then made our own Stone Boys.

 For our maths we half buried a bucket like the bucket in the story and practised our halving of numbers using the stones we had collected earlier.

 For our snack today we ate jam sandwiches made from the bread that we made yesterday using the flour we bought from our visit to Heatherslaw Mill on Wednesday.

 We practised our Yoga on the beach again today.  Everybody is getting really good at remembering the names of the poses.

 Before we went for lunch we made our own sandcastles like the one in the story. 


Worship by the Waves

We began our day with some peaceful worship by the waves. We talked about the importance of compassion and the kindness it brings to others. The children were encouraged to consider how they can show compassion in their everyday lives, and how it can make a big difference in the world.

Creative Writing – Imaginary Worlds

After worship, we delved into the magical realm of creative writing. The children let their imaginations run wild as they created their very own imaginary worlds. From enchanted forests to futuristic cities, the children's creativity knew no bounds. They truly embraced the power of storytelling!

PE – Yoga 

Next, it was time to get active with some exciting PE activities. We kicked things off with a thrilling game of banana tag to warm up our muscles. The children had a blast chasing and dodging each other, all while building up a sweat and having loads of laughs.

Following that, we focused on yoga and learned the cat and cow poses. The children practiced their sequences and worked on their flexibility and balance. It was a fantastic way to introduce them to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, which will help them stay healthy and calm.


By now, everyone had worked up quite an appetite, so we headed up for a well-deserved lunch break. The children enjoyed their packed lunches while basking in the sun and sharing stories from the morning's adventures.

Research and Nutrition

Back at school, we shifted gears and dived into some important research. We explored the topic of nutrition, looking at different food groups and their effects on our bodies. The children had to evaluate whether the food options they studied were healthy or not. This activity helped them develop critical thinking skills and understand the importance of making nutritious choices.

After Worship by the Waves we sat in the beautiful sunshine doing our writing.  It was quite windy, and we discussed how that changed what we could see and hear.  After our writing we went up into the dunes to get away from the wind, and carried out a science experiment to investigate whether different materials held a weight, and whether they stretched or snapped.  After we had had some snack we did some PE.  We started off by playing 'Stuck in the Sand' and then practised our throwing and catching skills with a partner and a tennis ball.  We finished off our PE session with some time to develop our core strength by climbing in the dunes.  We had some jobs to do at school after lunch, so came back up.