10 May 2023


Our story at beach school this week was ‘The Sand Dragon’ by Su Swallow.  The story is about a little boy called Edward who draws a dragon in the sand.  When the tide comes up the beach at the end of the day, the sand dragon has an adventure all of his own.

After the story we found some seaweed fronds for the dragon and then drew our own sand dragons.  We labelled the scales, teeth, claws and tail thinking  about the sounds in the words.

In maths the Reception children sat in the dunes and practised counting in 1’s to 100, in 2’s to 20  and in 5’s and 10’s to 100.  The nursery children used buckets to make shapes in the sand, similar to the ones Edward made in the story.

We spent a long time today using the long handled spades to dig out caves for dragons.  We made sure that we filled our holes up so that no one would fall in.

We played a dragon catching game in PE and continued to practise out throwing and catching skills.


We began with Worship by the Waves before heading off to do some poetry.  This week we were continuing our work on alliteration.  We made up an alliteration poem called ‘Beautiful Beach’, based on the poem ‘Sunny Spring’.  We made a list of all of the things you might find at the beach then thought of an adjective or verb that began with the same letter.  For example digging dogs, brimming buckets, splashing sea and green grass.  We then performed them for our friends. 

After a snack we went to do our PE where we were concentrating on perfecting our jumping.  We tried our standing jumps again as well as our long jumps.  We also had a go at doing some high jump.  We made a hill out of sand and tried to jump over it making sure our feet were together.  This was much harder than we thought.  We had some play time before doing some beach maths.  Then it was up to the Golf club for lunch before heading back to school to finish our art collages and learning about evergreen and deciduous trees in science.

Whilst we were at Beach School, the Year 5s and Seals enjoyed a game of football, whilst the year 6s were hard at work on their SATs. It was great to get everyone involved in working together as a team and we had some fantastic examples of attacking and defending. Afterwards, we switched gears and got creative by writing acrostic poems based on different Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. The children put a lot of thought and creativity into their writing, which was a joy to see. It was very hard to remember all the different Gods and Goddesses and we sometimes got mixed up between our Roman Gods and Greek Gods but that allowed us to have a fantastic discussion. We then returned to school to continue our Ukrainian language learning, focusing on different colours and practicing what we had already learned.