22 September 2023

It was a lovely mild morning at the beach this week.  Due to the Harvest Festival in the afternoon, we didn't have Worship by the Waves, but instead got straight on with our writing.    We thought about how to describe different things that we could see.  We decided that the marrram grass was waving hello to us, so we waved hello back!  When the sun came out from behind the bobbly clouds it made the sea sparkle and shine.  We could see the faraway castle easily today.  When we had put our journals away we did some active maths, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s before splitting into 2 groups to do some maths learning.  The Year 1s did some very loud counting backwards and forwards, and played a number bond game, whilst the Year 2s grouped shells and counted in 3s.  After snack we played in the dunes - it was hard work climbing up to the top, and great fun finding paths down, trying to keep our balance.  We then walked up to the edge of the golf course to find some firm and even ground for our PE lesson.  After a warm-up of the traffic light game we practised bouncing a tennis ball straight down and up to ourselves, and then across to a partner.  We had lunch outside today, before coming back up the hill to get ready for our church service.

Our book at the beach today was ‘Bright Stanley’ by Matt Buckingham.  In the story far below the waves a little fish called Stanley lived with the rest of his shoal. They were the brightest, sparkliest fish in the whole of the deep, dark sea. One morning Stanley woke up rather late. "Coo-ee! It's me-ee!" he called to his friends as usual. But the reef was strangely quiet…  We followed Bright Stanley on his adventures to find his friends.

 We drew some pictures of things in the book that began with the sounds we have been learning in Read, Write, Inc this week and practised writing m, a, s and d.

 We then worked together to create one of the pages from the book, the part where Stanley is about to get eaten by a shark!  We collected some white shells the sharks teeth and found some orangey shells for Bright Stanley.

 In the story Bright Stanley thinks that he has found his friends but it’s actually his own reflection in a pearl.  We looked at our reflections in some different mirrors.

 We practised our Yoga on the beach again today.  We are getting quite good although it can be a bit tricky in waterproofs and wellies!

 Bright Stanley thinks he has found his friends but it turns out to be a lobster counting a bright shining pile of gold coins in a treasure chest.  We practised out counting today using gold coins and matched the amount to number cards.

 Just before we went for lunch we took our own Bright Stanleys on an adventure of their own.