Worship by the Waves 20.10.22

Today we had a very special visitor to Worship by the Waves, the new Bishop of Newcastle, Bishop Helen-Ann. 
We began our worship by making walls around a sandcastle city of Jericho.  We listened to the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho and how he marched with his army around the city walls.  God  told Joshua to march around the city walls each day for six days in silence, on the seventh day God told Joshua and his army to walk around seven times silently and on the eighth time to make as much noise of possible.  Joshua trusted in God and did as he said and the walls of the city of Jericho fell down.  We marched around our city of Jericho making lots of noise and then we knocked the walls down!  This story told us that even though things seemed impossible to Joshua God made things possible.  We know that when we find things hard, we just have to do our best and keep going.
We said a prayer and sang two songs today: 'Be Bold, Be Strong' and 'God is Watching Over You'.   Bishop Helen-Ann ended our worship by showing us a prayer using our fingers.