12 July 2023


We have had a lovely transition beach school day today.  We had some very excited Puffins to be.  We began, as usual, with Worship by the Waves.  Mrs Popay explained to us that God’s love is never ending.  We ended worship with a song and a prayer before splitting off into our ‘new’ classes.

We grabbed our bags and moved to a quiet area of the beach.  We began beach school by discussing the rules we have in Puffin class in order to keep safe at the beach.  We then moved on to doing some senses sentences.  We sat quietly for a few minutes and thought about what we could see, hear, smell, feel and taste.  We then made up some sentences orally.  The Year 2s tried to put an adjective in theirs.  Some of the Year 1s even tried to put an adjective in theirs too – well done to those that tried.  I think my favourite sentence was ‘I can see the broken castle’. 

After doing some sentences we drew puffins in the sand and combed the beach for resources to use for different parts.  We had eyes made out of all sorts; seaweed, stones, sticks and shells.  We then had our snack and a drink before doing some PE.  In PE we did some throwing and catching.  Miss Murray wanted to see how good we were.  There was some good catching taking place.  We played a game with our catching skills – lots of winners as we were too good for Miss Murray to get us out.

It was almost lunch time so we were allowed a play time before heading up to the golf club for lunch.  We just got inside before the downpour of rain!

After lunch we headed back up to school to do some science back in the classroom.  We talked about different habitats and what animals might live in particular habitats.  We then made a habitat picture using a variety of different mediums; watercolours, felt tips, crayons.

Thank you for a lovely day!



After Worship by the waves today we went into our new classes so there were only the nursery children in Starfish today.

We began by listening to the story ‘Fidgety Fish’ and discussed what the word fidgety meant.  We then had a go at writing some of the short words in the story such as big, fin, red, crab and snap.  We then  used some fish and starfish moulds to make shapes in the sand.  As we were doing this we noticed that the sea was very calm today and the waves were quite small.  We spent some time just  watching and counting the waves.

For our maths today we continued learning about positional language.  We used the big log and listened and gave instructions to go over, under, around, behind or in front of it.  We then practised our balancing by walking along it.  After that we made our own number lines of sandcastles.

Just before lunch it began to rain but fortunately Mrs Cotton had put some umbrellas in the trolley so we sheltered under them until the rain had passed.

After lunch we listened to the story again and went to look in the rock pools to see if we could find any limpets like there were in the story, sadly we couldn't see any.  On the way back we collected shells to use in the classroom next week.  We then found some big shells to make a ‘clickety clackerty’ sound like the crab that Fidgety Fish met.  

We had a fantastic time today, spreading God's love through kindness at our worship by the waves. The children learned about how God's love is all around us, and how we can share it with others.

It was also transition day, and we were delighted to welcome the Year 2s to Seal Class' Beach School. We split off into teams for the day and got straight to work building a magnificent representation of Harry Potter in the sand. The children's creative skills were truly impressive!

During our snack time, we played a team ice-breaker game to help everyone get to know each other better. It was a great way to make new friends and build a strong sense of community among the children.

Afterwards, we headed up to the golf club for a delicious lunch. The children enjoyed their meals while soaking in the beautiful surroundings and sharing stories about their morning's adventure.

In the afternoon, we returned to school to engage in some fun-filled activities. The children played cricket and football, showcasing their sportsmanship and teamwork. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and energy they brought to the games.

Overall, it was an incredibly enjoyable day at beach school.