19 April 2023


 Our book at the beach today was ‘The Whale who Wanted More’ by Rachel Knight.  There were lots of new words in this story.  We learnt some new vocabulary such as rippling, rifled, amassed, quest, haul and bounty

After listening to the story we wrote some words from the story in the sand.  The nursery children practised writing their names.

 After that we walked down to the sea.  We counted our steps, it took us 160 paces to get the water!  On the way back we ran, hopped, skipped, jumped and sidestepped.

In the story Humphrey the whale had ‘a bounty’ of things attached to him.  We each had a bucket and collected our own bounty.  We then sorted them in different ways and explained how we had sorted them.

For PE we used beanbags played a game that practised our throwing and catching skills as well as following rules to play a game.  After we played the game Mrs Cotton and Mrs Popay blew bubbles for us to catch.  We discussed why they always went in the same direction. 

We used our sketch books today.  We thought carefully about what we could see and then drew it in our books.

Before we went up to the golf club for lunch we recreated two of the pages from the book.


Today at Beach School we started with Worship by the Waves, we then split off and walked towards Low Newton to find a nice secluded spot to start our learning. We started off by discussing our new book The Boy at The Back of the Class and how the main character Ahmet would feel when he walked into his new class for the first time. We have read the book to the point where we understood that he felt very isolated and wouldn’t talk to anyone but we hadn’t found out why he joined the school. So, the children wrote some fantastic sentences about how he felt walking in, meeting his new teacher and the children in the class. They used some fantastic adjectives to describe his feelings and his journey on the first day. We then had a little bit of team building where the children decided to see who could make the bigger hole in the sand. They ended up combining their efforts and making a hole big enough to fit one of them inside. We then read a little bit of our beach book which is The Secret Platform 13. We have only now got to the point where the story really begins. So, the children are very excited to see what happens next. We then had a run down to the sea and back before completing stretches led by Charlie. After warming up we were ready to have our football match with the score being 3-0 to the High Vis Team. All the children played well together and it was good to see the children growing in their confidence in the sport. After lunch, we had an hour of Ukrainian with Miss Anna. Recapping our learning from the previous term and then building on learning our numbers to 10. Ask the children if they can remember anything. They have done a great job with their pronunciation. We then finished the day off by doing some computing skills.


What a beautiful day we were blessed with today! After a great Worship by the Waves by Mrs Popay and the church school council Orca class then got started with an English Lesson, currently, we have been using the book Wonderland Alice in Poetry, today we used the poem I Knew Who I Was This Morning by Tony Mitton. The class then wrote the next stanza for the poem and then read them out to the whole class – they all did really well. Moving on we then used Dunstanburgh Castle and the Tony Mitton to produce a poem from the perspective of the castle.

After that, we started with PE. This half term we will be concentrating on the area of athletics, today we began with the relay. The children investigated different speeds of running, running positions and then working together as a team with a baton. The class worked well in their teams and all completed the task.

A quick hydration stop and we moved to maths. Today, we were studying angles. We discussed the different names of the different sized angles the children then became different sized angles.

After that, we walked up with Puffins for a lovely lunch at the golf club.



A glorious day greeted us at beach school this week!  The sun made a very welcomed appearance.  We started off with Worship by the Waves, where we learnt about the importance of stones within the Bible.  Stones are all around us and very important!  After we had finished worship we went off to do some descriptive writing about the weather.  We recorded the temperature and the wind speed too.  We then listened to a poem by Shirley Hughes called ‘Out and About’.  Miss Murray read it to us then we discussed, with a partner, what images came into our heads when we heard it.  We talked about what season it was talking about and which was our favourite line.  In our sketch books we drew the images to match the poem.  We drew birds feeding their chicks in the nests, washing blowing on the line and children running down paths at the excitement of the nice weather and being able to play out.

For PE, we are looking at athletics.  We began with thinking about different styles of running.  We tried relay races in different ways; walking, jogging and sprinting.  We observed the effects of the different styles on our hearts.

After a drink and our snack we did some maths.  We were talking about measuring length.  We talked about what we measure in and used language such as longer, shorter, longest and shortest.  Miss Murray set us a competition to see who could find the longest stick and then the shortest stick.  We ordered our sticks from the longest to the shortest.  We then talked about what a meter looked like.  We used our sticks to try and draw a 1 meter line in the sand.  This was tricky.

We finished off our morning on the beach with a short play time before heading up to the golf club for sausages and chips for lunch.