Worship by the Waves 24.5.23

Today in worship we focused on how powerful God is.  We first thought about how important mobiles phones are and the different functions they have for example keeping in touch, taking photos, maps and a torch. We spoke about how a phone must be regularly connected to the power supple to be recharged.  Christians believe that it is important for them to spend time with God to be recharged.  We discussed that prayer is a bit like a charging cable which connects people to God.  We have three pin plugs to use to charge up phones which reminds us of the three elements of God, the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We then listened to the story of when Jesus calmed the storm, this story shows us the power of Jesus.  We joined in with actions to the story.  We yawned when we heard the word 'tired', rowed when we heard the word 'boat', went to sleep when we heard the word 'sleep', made waves when we heard the word 'waves' and blew and made a swirling action when we heard the word wind.
We ended with a prayer and sang 'Our God is a Great Big God'.