Worship by the Waves 12.7.23

In worship by the waves today we thought about God's love.  Christians believe that God's love is great and it never runs out.  We saw how God's love was demonstrated using a piece of paper. In this case God's love had four corners.  A triangle was cut from one of the corners and someone was given a piece of God's love and although we started with four corners we now had five.  Triangles were repeatedly cut from corners  and God's love was given away.  Each time there were more corners of God's love. We heard that God's love never gets less and it never will.  We all have love to give away, when we show someone love and kindness we get topped up with more love so we can give it out to more people!  We drew triangles in the sand and thought about how we can show love to others.
We sang 'Love is Something if you Give it Away' and said a prayer thanking God for his love.