8 March 2024


This week in school we have been continuing to read the book ‘Stanley’s Stick’ by John Hegley.  We used this story again beach school today.  After we had listened to the story we made some boats in the sand.  Stanley made a boat with his ‘fantastsick’ so we made boats with a stick sail too. 


Next we did some maths.  The Nursery children sang some number songs using stones as frogs and currant buns; they used a one pence coin to pay for the currant buns that they bought.  The Reception children did some number recognition and counting by playing hopscotch then they continued with the work that they have been doing in class this week, learning about the numbers nine and ten.


We used some twisted willow branches to make some sculptures in the sand. We used seaweed and shells to make our artwork.  We thought about where to place the different things so it would look the best.


Just before lunch we played a game of ‘This is not a stick, it’s a…………..’.  What a lot of different things we thought the stick could be a wand, a broom, a rocket, a pen, a rolling pin, a spoon, a toothbrush and lots of other things too!


It was a bit chilly this week at Beach School, but we didn't let that stop us from getting stuck in with our activities. We had our Worship by the Waves led by Mrs Popay, where we thought about what would Jesus do. We then had our snack before spending the morning crafting our Mother's Day art on the beach, ready for our photo to be taken and put on our cards. We then warmed up with a game of stuck-in-the-mud before returning to the golf course. On the walk back, we spent some time observing how the weather had eroded the dunes and discussing how the beach had changed. We finished our Mother's Day Cards in the afternoon by writing our acrostic poems. 

Beach School was a bit chilly this week but that didn’t deter us!  We had a great day.  We used the beach environment as inspiration to collect our poem ideas.  We began by making a list of all the things we could see at the beach then made a list of things we could hear and smell.  We will use these ideas to help us write an acrostic poem about the environment.  After our English we went on a litter pick, as one of the ways we can help our world is by putting litter in the bin.  We found lots of rubbish that had been left on the beach from rope, dog poo bags as well as a jumper!  It must have been there a while as it was fairly buried in the sand.  We then had some play time before heading to the golf club for an early lunch.  We carried on our litter pick all the way back to the golf club.  We could have spent the whole day picking litter up as there was so much amongst the grass.  We did our best though! After lunch we headed back to school to finish our Mother’s Day cards and do some geography.