20 July 2023


What a lovely last beach school of the year we had.  We all took a teddy bear with us and listened to the story ‘Bears at the Beach’ by Emma Carlisle.  In the story the bear family are having a day at the beach.  Mummy Bear has packed the towels, Daddy Bear has packed the parasol and Little Bear is bringing his brand new kite! But the beach can be a busy place, so when Little Bear gets lost his parents hunt high and low. But the clever little bear uses his brand new kite to help him be found.

 After the story we did some writing about our favourite part of the story.   We then played with our bears on the sand and took them for an adventure in the sand dunes.  We all wore bear ears and pretended we were bears too!  While we were in the dunes we had a teddy bears picnic.

In the story, Little Bear has a kite.  We made our own kites and had such fun flying them in the wind.  We had to be careful not to get the kite strings twisted.  After we made our kites Mrs Cotton blew bubbles for us to chase.  Some of the bubbles were huge.

After lunch we listened to the story again and we saw a real kite flying on the beach!  We all looked to see if there was a little bear at the end but there wasn’t!  We then enjoyed some parachute games, making some food four our bears and having a play in the sand. 

We had a blast at our last session, filled with sporty and competitive games that got our hearts pumping and our spirits soaring. To kick off the day, we gathered around the soothing waves for a meaningful worship session. We focused on what makes a good friend, discussing key qualities such as compassion and loyalty. It was a refreshing way to start the day and set the positive tone for the activities ahead. Next, we embarked on a creative challenge by building our very own friendship towers. We brainstormed and shared ideas about the important qualities that make a friend special. The towers stood tall as a reminder of the great friendships we have formed during our time together. After our creative session, it was time to unleash our inner cricketers. In a mini-game of cricket, we transformed ourselves into human wickets and had a fantastic time chasing after the ball. We honed our teamwork and coordination skills and had a barrel of laughs along the way. Eager to try our hand at a new sport, we decided to give volleyball a go. Little did we know, keeping that ball in the air was no easy task! It took perseverance and determination, but we all had a lot of fun and learned the importance of practice and resilience. With our tummies rumbling, we savored a delicious lunch that refreshed our energy levels. Afterward, we engaged in a few rounds of the classic game "Stuck in the Mud." It was a delightful way to release some pent-up energy and showcase our agility. As if that wasn't enough excitement, we stumbled upon a hidden treasure in the form of golf balls while exploring the long grass. We were thrilled to discover something unexpected and had fun inventing our own games with these newfound treasures. Our day took an educational turn as we ventured towards the rocky shore to explore the wonderful world of rockpools. We carefully observed and discovered intriguing creatures like limpets and sea snails. It was a mesmerizing experience, full of wonder and awe. Last but not least, we wrapped up our unforgettable day with an exhilarating game of dodgeball. The adrenaline was pumping, and we showcased our throwing and dodging skills. It was a perfect way to end our beach school adventure on a high note. With tired but happy feet, we made our way back up the hill through a powerwalk. What a fantastic day it was, filled with laughter, excitement, and memorable moments that we will cherish forever.