Worship by the Waves 28.2.23


We continued our theme of The Beatitudes in Worship by the Waves.  Today we thought about ‘Forgiveness’.  We discussed that forgiveness is when you are kind to those who are not kind to you.

We thought about the times we say ‘I wish I hadn’t…….’ ‘I’m sorry……’ ‘I didn’t mean to……’.  We drew something that we were sorry for in the sand and then rubbed it out as a sign that we are forgiven.  We have a choice to forgive others.   Christians believe that they can ask God to help them to forgive others.

We all sat quietly and wrote the word ‘sorry’ in the sand.  We then smoothed the sand over a sign that we forgive others and that we are forgiven.

We sang ‘Faith as small as a mustard seed’ and finished our worship with a prayer.