Worship by the Waves 6.10.23

Our collective worship theme this week is 'Perseverance'.  We heard the Bible story of the woman who had ten precious coins.  She loses one and searches everywhere for it.  It says in the Bible that she lights a lamp and sweeps her house and she doesn’t give up until she finds it.  The woman persevered until she found the coin.

We then heard a true story about an Australian long jumper who persevered until she was selected for the Olympic team.  Despite struggling with injuries and other priorities she showed everyone how she persevered until she reached her goal.

We measured out her longest jump and then practised doing some long jumps ourselves.

We sang ‘Never Give Up’ and the wind really was blowing all around us like the song said!  We were all very grateful that the rain wasn’t falling, lightening wasn’t filling the skies and thunder wasn’t going ‘Boom’ as we were singing those words!

We ended with a prayer asking God to help us to persevere.