1 March 2024


This week in school we have been reading the book ‘Stanley’s Stick’ by John Hegley.  We used this story at beach school today.  After we had listened to the story we tried to remember all the things that Stanley used his stick for.  On our clipboards we drew and labelled as many as we could think of. 


In the story Stanley goes on a train to the seaside.  We used trains and made our own train tracks in the sand.  Some of us made sandcastles to be Stockport Station where Stanley got on the train.


We then looked for sticks on the beach and used them to make some looping patterns in the sand like the pattern Stanley’s stick made when he hurled his stick into the sea.   After we used our sticks to make patterns we threw our sticks into the sea just like Stanley did with his.  We used the word ‘hurl’ as that was the word that was used in the story.   When all our sticks were in the sea we watched the waves wrap around our sticks like they did in the book.


Stanley used his stick as a fishing rod so we did the same.  We had great fun trying to catch some fish!  Stanley also used his stick to write his name in the sand so we did that too!


Before we went to the golf club for lunch we went into the dunes to look for slugs to rescue with a stick like Stanley did but we couldn’t find any!  We all enjoyed tasty pizza and chips for lunch.

It was the first beach school back, and it was pretty mild. We started with worship by the waves, followed by a walk to Low Newton, where, on the way, we looked for different types of rocks to recap our learning from last term. The children were very proud of their finds. We accompanied the Orcas whilst they went on their treasure hunt. We then returned to the beach to build something Roman before heading to the Golf Club for lunch. When we returned to school, we started learning how to dribble, control the ball and pass in hockey before recapping the story of Easter.

It was lovely to be back at beach school after a few weeks off.  It was still a bit cold despite the sun shining.  We just made sure we kept active.  We started off with Worship by the Waves, led by Mrs Popay, before moving along the beach to do some poetry recitals.  This half term we are looking at acrostic poems so we read, learned and performed some poems about the weather and the environment to help us understand how acrostic poems worked.  After English we did some PE.  We were looking at attacking and defending skills and played a game where we had to protect some cones from the other players.  We then had a break for a snack and a drink before looking at the human life cycle and making a model of it in the sand.  We finished off with some running up and down the dunes to improve of fitness before heading up to the golf club for lunch.  We headed back up to school after lunch to do some RE and Geography.  In RE we were looking around the school grounds for signs of new life.  We sketched them on paper to help us remember what we saw when discussing it back in the classroom.  For Geography we were reminding ourselves about the countries that make up the UK, their capital cities and their locations.  We used a large world map as well as looking in some atlases.