24 May 2023


After Worship by the Waves we listened to one of our favourite stories ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson.   In the story Tiddler rides a seahorse.  We thought about where Tiddler might go and what adventures he might get up to under the sea when he rode the seahorse.  In our stories he went to a park, to the shops, to a funfair, phone shop and to see some stingrays.

We then spoke about how stories are passed on through history and that some very old stories are still told today.  We discussed how stories can change over time.  We played a whispering game where one person whispered something to the person next to them and it got passed around the circle and the last person said what they had heard.  We had some very funny phrases at the end.

In the story there are lots of different clock times mentioned when the Tiddlers class are waiting for him.  We used the clocks to make different times and then made some sand clocks.  We made a big clock and we were the hands telling the time.

Lastly we made and decorated some fish in the sand and some of us made a fishing boat to sit in.

This week at Beach School, we began by revisiting our Geography lessons and specifically looked at the Seven Wonders of the World - both ancient and modern. The children were then tasked with recreating their chosen Wonder, with Marley C's group opting for the Great Pyramid of Giza, Abigail and Tima's group opting for the Roman Colosseum, and Campbell's group choosing to recreate the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Although it took them an hour to complete, the children's work was exceptional, and they engaged in critical thinking regarding the logistics and how to ensure the structures were secure. They also designated roles for each other to ensure everyone was part of the process and even created a hand washing system - a truly impressive feat. After sharing each other's work, we then played a football match in preparation for the Y3/4 boys' upcoming tournament. With a very close score of 4-3 to the non-bib team, it was an exciting match. Finally, we ended the day learning Ukrainian with Miss Anna, focusing on the days of the week.