Worship by the Waves 5.10.22

We are celebrating harvest in church on Friday so in Worship by the Waves today we thought about the harvest of the sea. Britain is surrounded by water and we live by the sea. We harvest many things from it, all through the year, not just in the autumn. We thought about how we harvest coal, oil and gas as well as fish to eat and salt. 
There is a saying, "There is enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed." In the Bible there is a story which shows that God provides enough food for everyone, if we share.  We listened to the story of ‘Feeding the Five Thousand’.  While we listened to the story we drew five loaves and two fish in the sand

Jesus and the Apostles lived near the Sea of Galilee - and some of the Apostles were fishermen. The sea was very important to them - and bread and fish formed a large part of their diet. We thought about how the sea is still very important to us.

We ended our worship with a prayer for the people who work at sea as sailors, on the lifeboats, on the oil rigs, sailors in the navy and fishermen.