10 November 2023


Our book at the beach today was ‘Poppy Day’ by Eliza Berison.  After  listening to the book and finding out why we have Remembrance Day we spoke about how the armed forces are made up. We discussed the army, the navy and the air force.  

 Our writing today was to label a poppy that we had drawn.  We used our ‘Fred Fingers’ to help us write the words thinking carefully about the sounds.

 We made some paper aeroplanes and thought about the pilots in the air force that fly the planes.  We then dug a big trench in the sand as we thought about the soldiers.  We then discussed the navy as we made boats and ships in the sand.

 We also learnt that at 11 o’clock on the 11th day of the 11th month people have two minutes silence to remember  people that have died in wars.  People often listen to church bells at 11 o’clock.  We all used musical instruments to sound like church bells striking.  We carefully counted to 11 as we played the instruments 11 times.

When we got to the beach we realised that the recent stormy weather had caused significant changes to the landscape.  The river had moved its route across the sand, and there were lots of rocks uncovered, that we hadn't seen for some time.  We decided on an area to be the new Puffin outside classroom, and then went to the pillbox for our Remembrance Worship by the Waves.
During Remembrance we thought about all the people of different faiths and no faith that had died over the century in wars to allow us to have the freedoms and advantages that we have.
Next we did some writing in our journals. This half term we are writing about the weather.  It was glorious sunshine, and despite a chill in the air the sun was very warm on our faces.  We wrote about the sun sparkling like glitter.  Let's hope for more sunny beach schools this half term!
In PSHE this half term we are looking at our own health and wellbeing.  This week we were learning about techniques to help us relax and feel happy.  We lay on the beach in the sunshine and progressively tensed and relaxed all of our muscles.  Then we talked about laughter being a good medicine, and made each other laugh - we were very silly (including Mrs T!)  Next we walked along the beach to go up the steps to the top of the dune.  We realised that the bottom steps were another casualty of the stormy weather, as they had disappeared.  Fortunately we found a route up.  We got to the top and had our snack looking out over the bay, discussing how being outside and enjoying nature is also good for our health and wellbeing.
After snack we walked to the bird hide, looking out for signs of Autumn.  There were loads of red berries, and we talked about how good they were for the birds, and how birds then dispersed the seeds for the plants.  At the bird hide we thought at first that there were no birds on the lake, but when we sat quietly and looked carefully we noticed quite a few mallards and geese, mostly nestled into the reeds.  We then walked on towards Newton, before coming back down onto the beach and walking all the way back along, pausing to investigate some lugworm casts on our way.  When we got down to the Puffin classroom area we had some time to play in the sand before coming up to the golf club for lunch.

Today, we had an incredible day at beach school! We started off with a solemn Remembrance Worship by The Waves. Together, we shared some beautiful poems, whispered a heartfelt prayer, and observed a 2-minute silence to honor those brave souls who have sacrificed everything for our freedom. It was a poignant and meaningful start to our day.

Afterward, we plunged headfirst into our English lesson, exploring a collected selection of poems curated by the talented Sue Ellis. We delved into the emotive world of poetry, reading three thought-provoking poems. As we read, we reflected upon the feelings evoked, the vivid imagery portrayed, and the literary devices employed. It was a mesmerizing journey into the power of words.

Following our literary adventures, we progressed to our PSHE lesson, where we focused on the importance of healthy relationships. In today's session, we emphasized strategies to maintain good mental health. We discussed and practiced various relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and mindful meditation. It was a valuable opportunity for our children to learn self-care and emotional well-being.

To release some energy and have a bit of fun, we dedicated some time to honing our throwing and catching skills. It was an exhilarating experience as our little ones unleashed their inner athletes and showed impressive progress. We also took a moment to recap the rules of dodgeball, ensuring we are all aware of the game's regulations and play responsibly.

What a day it has been at beach school! Our children have soaked up knowledge, developed crucial life skills, and created lasting memories. We can't wait to share more exciting snippets of their learning experiences with you soon!