Worship by the Waves 25.1.23


We continued our theme of The Beatitudes in Worship by the Waves.  Today we thought about ‘Justice’.  We discussed that justice is figuring out what is right and what is wrong.  We all thought of times when we say ‘It’s not fair’. 

We listened to a story which was acted out by two members of our Church School Council.  The story was about two brothers who farmed together and shared everything equally even though one was married with a large family and one was single. One brother thought it wasn’t fair because his brother had many mouths to feed and the other brother didn’t think it was fair because his brother didn’t have any family to look after him in old age.  Each night they each took a sack of grain from their own barn to add to his brother’s barn.  Each morning they were both amazed to find the same amount of sacks were in their barn until one night they bumped into each other while carrying a sack.  They then understood the mystery of the ‘ever full’ barns.  They were filled with a deep love for each other.  The two brothers didn’t use the phrase ‘it’s not fair’ in a selfish way, they used it in a positive way and they tried to make the situation fair or more just. 

We all sat quietly and thought about what we could do to make the world a fairer and more just place.  We finished our worship with a prayer.