6 October 2023


Our book at the beach today was ‘Baby Shark Superhero.  In the story Baby Shark goes on an adventure and discovers a hidden gift - superpowers that make him a true underwater superhero! With his newfound abilities, Baby Shark assembles a super squad, uniting some of the ocean's coolest characters to protect their watery world from under-the-sea crimes. But as the tides turn and challenges emerge, Baby Shark learns a profound lesson: that the most extraordinary power of all is the bond of friendship. 


It was very windy this morning so we listened to the story and did our writing in the sand dunes.  This week we drew a picture of ‘Baby Shark Superhero’ making sure that we gave him a super hero mask, belt and cape.  We then practised writing the letter ‘s’.


After our writing we played superhero tag! It was fun chasing each other.  After our game we had our snack.  We ate the rocket biscuits that we made yesterday.  They were very yummy! We then practised throwing beanbags into a circle in the sand.  We pretended they were clam shells and the bean bags were pearls just like in the story. 


We used some sea animals to recreate a page from the book, using seaweed to decorate the edge.


For our maths we practised our halving of numbers by making rows of sandcastles and knocking down half of them.


We practised our Yoga on the beach again today and spent some time lying on our backs looks at the clouds blowing across the sky.


We had a fantastic day at beach school today! The children were full of energy and enthusiasm as we started our day with some energizing yoga for PE. We focused on different poses and practiced holding them for 15 seconds. This will help the children create their own sequences next week. It was impressive to see how well they concentrated and balanced during the yoga session.

After our yoga session, we moved on to music. We practiced different rhythms and clapped them back, enhancing our sense of timing and coordination. The children enjoyed this activity and were excited to create their own gumboot dance routine. They tapped their wellies to different beats, showing off their creativity and rhythm.

Once we finished our music session, we made our way back up to the school. In the English lesson, we worked on our reading skills by focusing on intonation and tone. Some groups even added actions to tell the story of the Pebble and how the Earth looked 395 million to 375 million years ago. It was amazing to see how confident the children were in using their voices and gestures to bring the story to life.

Before the day was over, we had another chance to practice our gumboot dance routine. The children were excited to show off their moves, and their coordination had improved since the morning. We finished the day with a science lesson, where we explored different types of skeletons.