Worship by the Waves 21.9.22

We began Worship by the waves recapping the creation story.   We thought about all the amazing things that God created and listened to a poem that told the story of creation.   We thought that ‘Wow!’ was a great word to use to describe the things that we see around us.  We discussed what the word ‘wow’ means and came up with amazing, success, impressive, attractive and brilliant.   There are so many things in our world that WOW us! It’s important to take time to look and be WOWED.

We went on a short WOW walk and looked for things that WOWED us.  We found marram grass, sand, seaweed, barnacles, feathers, shells, moss, wood and us!  We used our ‘wow’s for a thank you prayer and sang ‘Thank you Lord’ using the wow things we found.