Worship by the Waves 15.02.23

We found out about  'Hope' as part of our collective worship theme on The Beatitudes today.  We spoke about how Christians use the image of an anchor to remind them that God can be trusted through the storms in their life when things are difficult or challenging or sad.  We all worked together to make a big anchor using seaweed.
We listened to the story of Moses and how he led the people out Egypt.  We learnt some actions to help us remember the story.  In the story we heard how God provided just what the people needed, when they needed it and God kept reminding them not to worry.  One of the most common commands God gave to his people was to remember what he had done for them in the past because it would give them hope for the future.
We changed the words to one of the songs we sing to 'I've got hope like an anchor'.  We finished our worship with a prayer.