15 September 2023

Our book at the beach today was ‘Look What I Found at the Seaside’ by Moira Butterfield.  This is a fantastic non-fiction book about all sorts of things that can be found at the beach.  The book gave us some great information and we found out lots of facts.  There was so much to look at in the pictures and there were even little things that we had to spot on each page.

 It was little bit drizzly today so we did our writing when we got back to school in the afternoon.

 In the book the children collect treasures from the beach so we each had a bucket and looked for our own treasures.  We found some amazing things!  We found some crabs, some beautiful shells, different types of stone, a piece of an anemone, some blue and white pottery, seaweed and feathers.  In the book we found out that when a crabs shell gets too tight they wriggle out of it and a new shell grows.  We discovered that this is called moulting. We even found a shell that a crab had grown out of!

 On our walk we found an abandoned body board and played a hiding game, someone hid behind it and we had to guess who it was.  We also found an abandoned surf board so we all pretended to go surfing!  As we walked over the rock pools we saw two people with some equipment.  We wondered what they were doing so we asked them.  They told us that they were Katie and Lucy from Academy Geomatic and they were measuring erosion.  They told us erosion is how the sand is moving on the beach; the waves move the sand and the shape of the beach changes.  When we got to the rock pools one of the Starfish children found the biggest shell that we have ever found at beach school!

 We used the feathers we had collected to count and match to the correct numeral.  When we were doing our maths we were amazed to see some swans in the sea! There was a swan and two cygnets.  After our maths we went into the sand dunes with magnifying glasses and binoculars to see what we could find.  We found lots of snails! 

 We had a great time at beach school today!

We began our day with worship by the waves, where we talked about compassion as our value and discussed how we can show it in different acts. It was a great way to start the day, and the children were engaged and thoughtful. After that, we moved on to geography, where we recapped the world, different biomes, and climates. We also looked at food distribution and how what we eat has traveled from different places and the impact that it has. The children were curious and engaged, and it was great to see them learning about the world in a fun and interactive way. We then took a walk towards the castle and back to the golf club, where we completed a litter pick. The children were enthusiastic about cleaning up the beach and learning about the importance of keeping our environment clean. In the afternoon, we completed some yoga, where we looked at sun salutation, cobra, child's pose, downward dog, mountain, triangle, and warrior II pose. The children did an excellent job, and it was a great way to end the day.
After Worship by the Waves we made sure we kept warm by doing some active maths - doing quarter and half turns and using our whole bodies to count in 5s and 10s.  In art we made a collaborative piece of work using the different types of lines that we had looked at the previous week.  We used a range of different tools to make different marks, and tried out different ways of using them.  We kept on moving round our picture to work on different bits.  Our inspiration was taken from the seascape around us.  After snack we did some PE.  This week we focused on throwing and catching, both to ourselves and to each other.  We thought carefully about where our arms and hands needed to be to support accurate throwing and catching.  Before lunch we had some time playing in the dunes - it definitely kept us warm and tired us out!