17 May 2023


After Worship by the Waves we went to the sea to watch the dolphins that were swimming past.  Some of us saw them as they were very quick jumping out of the water.  We then went to listen to our story which was ‘Sailor Bear’ by Martin Wadell.  In the story Small bear is lost and does not know what to do. He thinks and thinks and he looks at his sailor suit and he decides to be a sailor and sail on the sea. He makes a boat from some pieces of wood and he finds a sea small enough for a small bear and he sails off by the light of the moon. But the sea grows too rough and Bear's boat rocks and rolls and shatters and sinks. Small Bear is shipwrecked on the shore and lies shivering and cold, until next morning when a small girl finds him. She hugs him and takes him home and sets him by the fire to dry. Small Bear knew what to do. He would stay where he was with his new friend and never go to sea again. 

We didn’t listen to the story all the way to the end because we had to decide on our own ending.  Mrs Popay stopped reading when Sailor Bear was ship wrecked and we wrote what we thought might happen next.  There were some brilliant ideas.  Someone thought he might meet his family and eat cake, someone thought he would get in another boat and go to sea again, someone thought he would have an adventure on the big waves.  There were lots of great ideas.

In maths the nursery children were learning about different sizes and  Reception children practised their subitising skills.  We continued our maths using number cones with recognising numbers and making pairs of numbers to ten with the hoops.

We used the parachute today to play some games which everyone really enjoyed!