Worship by the Waves 14.09.22

In worship by the waves today we read part of Psalm 36 which says how amazing God’s love is for us. 


Lord, your love reaches to the heavens.
    Your loyalty goes to the skies.
Your goodness is as high as the mountains.
    Your justice is as deep as the great ocean.
Lord, you protect both men and animals.
God, your love is so precious!
    You protect people as a bird protects her young under her wings.
They eat the rich food in your house.
    You let them drink from your river of pleasure.
You are the giver of life.
    Your light lets us enjoy life.


We all looked up to the sky and looked at the clouds and thought about how high the sky is and how high we could see.  We remembered that the Bible says God’s love for is massive, and it reaches up to the highest clouds and beyond.

We then got into groups to create a picture that would illustrate part of the psalm.

We finished with a prayer and sang ‘Wide, wide as the ocean’