28 June 2023

What a day!  We began our beach school with the Children's Cancer Run.  I am sooo proud of each and every Puffin today.  You ran the course so well and you all made it to the finish line - super effort!  Your hard work was rewarded with an ice pop and a biscuit at the end.  After our ice pop and a big drink of water we headed down to the beach to begin our learning.  We started off with Worship by the Waves.  You listened well to Mrs Popay's story (if I'm honest you were all probably enjoying the rest!) and sang 'Faith as small as a mustard seed' beautifully.  
After worship we did some beach school maths.  We were consolidating our work on time by drawing a clock in the sand and getting a time from Miss Murray.  Our task was to draw the hands on the clock.  We then had our snack and a small amount of playtime before heading back to the golf club for lunch.  A short morning due to the run.
After lunch we came back down to the beach and had a quiz.  Miss Murray asked us lots of questions about the things we have been learning in Puffin class this year as well as testing our geographical knowledge on the UK.  Once the Orca's had finished off their work we got together with them to have a game of rounders.  It was great to see so many of the skills we have been learning being put into practise.  A remarkable improvement to the first week - Well done Puffins!
A tired and wet walk back up the hill ended our day - but what perseverance - nobody gave up all day!

We all did a brilliant job of running to the beach for the North East children’s cancer run this morning.  We showed great perseverance and stamina.   We waited until everyone got back and enjoyed cheering for the children who did a longer run. Everyone enjoyed an ice pop and biscuit as a reward at the end!

 After Worship by the Waves we listened to the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.   We have been doing lots of work on this story as it is our story for our class worship on Friday and we are learning to recite it.

 We spent a long time this morning making the scenes from the story.  As we collected things to use we did lots of counting and comparing sizes of things. We then retold the story using the pictures we had made.

 After lunch we did some races to get us ready for sports day next week.  We had to keep practising as it was tricky to remember some of the rules!  We then made up own races using the equipment that we had.  There were some amazing ideas.  We walked back to school and made it back just before the rain started.

Firstly, we started our day by taking part in the Children's Cancer Run. It was a great opportunity to show our support for such an important cause. And boy, did we persevere! We were determined to give our best and did an amazing job. We ran, we cheered, and we felt proud of our efforts.
Next, we took a walk to the wall. And you know what? We had a blast running down it! The wind was in our hair, and the thrill of it all made our hearts race. It was an adrenaline-pumping experience that we won't forget anytime soon.
After our exciting wall adventure, we switched gears and focused on learning Ukrainian. We practiced a famous Ukrainian song called "Stefania." It was a challenge, but we embraced it wholeheartedly.
But wait, there's more! It was time for PE, and we headed to the beach to practice our throwing and batting skills. The sand beneath our feet added an extra element of fun as we aimed for the targets and swung our bats with all our might. We cheered each other on, celebrated successes and learned from our mistakes. After all that activity, we were ready for lunch. We sat together, enjoying our food and sharing stories of the morning's adventures. After lunch, we returned to the beach for more practice. This time, we focused on our batting, fielding, and bowling skills. Tima, became our star bowler. It was a joy to watch him in action, giving us tips and encouragement. We worked together as a team, honing our cricket skills and building our sportsmanship. We even managed to win 10 marbles!