Parent Governors

  • Mr Mark Green

    A father of two, my youngest child has attended the school since we moved to the area in summer 2017. I have had a career as a lawyer and now run a design and business consultancy with my wife. The school acts as an important hub for Embleton and the surrounding villages - as well as educating our children it provides social glue for the wider community. Seeing the children taking part in beach school on Fridays fills me with joy.

  • Mr Joe Slaughter

    I moved to Embleton in 2014 and am a parent of two children in Vincent Edwards Primary School. I work as an IT Manager in a local Salmon smoking company, and have worked across the globe doing IT projects.

    As a parent and governor I look to our school to build the capabilities in our children to create their own opportunities both in education and socially. Our school is one of the foundation blocks of Embleton, and should be treasured for the role it has in keeping our village a social and vibrant environment.