Parent Governors

  • Mr Fred Bosanquet

    I work for my family business at Rock Estates and both my children attend Embleton Vincent Edwards. Previously I have spent several years working as a history and politics teacher, and head of department, in various secondary schools around the country. I understand the crucial role that primary education plays in giving young children the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to thrive, and I am very proud to be able to support the school in achieving its aims.

  • Mrs Joanna Robertson

    Whilst I grew up and lived in Newcastle until my twenties, I have had family ties in the area my whole life, staying at our bungalow in the dunes at Newton each weekend. Working at The Sportsman Inn and The Ship during a gap year, I decided that the draw of this area and my friends was just too great. So, after graduating with a 1st in Travel and Tourism Management, I bought a house in Alnwick where I lived until I married a local farmer and moved to Embleton Mill in 2010. Having worked in and then run an adventure tour operator for 16 years, I have been lucky enough to travel globally, but having two young children meant a life closer to home beckoned. So, since 2022 I have been a proud co owner of The Village Farm Shop and Post Office and it is a daily pleasure to be involved in this wonderful community.

    My daughter is now in Starfish Class and my son will hopefully follow in 18 months, so I feel very lucky to be on the governing body at the beginning of our journey with this wonderful school.

    When we discuss beach school and the other fabulous things the children get to experience with friends and family, my daughter is always so full of enthusiasm. It is real privilege to have such a wonderful educational environment on our doorstep. I look forward to helping the school to continue to thrive in any way I can, and also being a connection between parents and the governing body.