Worship by the Waves 8.02.23

We continued to learn about The Beatitudes in Worship by the Waves.  Today we thought about ‘Humility’.  We discussed that humility is putting people first and recognising that you are not the most important person.  
We began our worship by playing a game of tag.  We started with one person being 'it' when they tagged someone they had to say something nice about them.  There were then two 'it' people who tagged two more people saying something nice about those people.  We played the game until everyone was tagged and everyone had heard something positive about themselves.
After the game we heard the story of King Nebuchadnezzar who was proud and ignored God and thought he was better than God.  We found out  how he showed humility at the end.
We finished our worship with a prayer and sang 'Peace like a River'.