12 January 2024


The first beach school of 2024, we began with Worship by the Waves. With a continuation of this week’s worship theme of ‘Being Thankful’ Mrs Popay led the worship and the children then made towers using the stone with each stone representing something that the children were thankful for. 

Our lessons began with a delve into space, this half term’s topic in Science, we began exploring our solar system. Looking at what planets orbit around the sun and discussing some key features including size and the amount of moons. The children then worked in partners to produce their own models, which were then shared with the rest of the class. 

Our next lesson was English, in English we are currently using the book Ice Trapped! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition. The children listened to some examples of diary entries and then produced their own, they really tried to include emotive language, strong descriptions and to envisage how either the crew or Shackleton himself were feeling during this fascinating adventure. 

Continuing with Shackleton we then moved to Maths where the children used metre rulers to measure the length of Endurance - the boat used during the voyage. Half way through the children then used their estimation skills to estimate the length of the boat. 

After lunch at the golf club we came back to school to finish our Design Technology work and to begin our next PE module of dance. 


Our book at the beach today was ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’ by Julia Donaldson.  We have been using this book all week in class.  After listening to the story we spoke about the planets in the story.  We then made up our own planets, we had ice cream, apple and present planets!  We used our ‘Fred Fingers’ to help us write the words thinking carefully about the sounds.

 We made our own variations of Planet Vumjum, Lurglestrop, Planet Grimbletosh and Planet Glurch using things that we could find on the beach.

 We did some counting down from ten and then the Reception children drew rockets in the sand and practised writing numbers from ten down to zero .  The nursery children counted sandcastles that they had made.

 We then looked at the pictures of the planet that we used with Mrs Threlfall on Tuesday.  We each pretended to be a planet and stood in the order from the sun from the closest to the furthest away. 

 Our PE was practising throwing and catching beanbags.  We practised on our own, in a circle and with a partner.  We had to really concentrate and watch the beanbag all the time and remember to make sure that our partner was ready.

 Before we came back to school we used the musical instruments to make up a tune for the song at the end.




This week at Beach School, we started with our Worship by the Waves led by Mrs Popay. It focused on the theme of Thankfulness. We went off to make our stack of thankful stones. We then split off and started with a bit of team building. We made our volcanoes linked to the Igneous Rock and how it is formed in Science. We then made our representation of the four layers of the Earth and finished by making representations of solids, liquids and gases. We then walked up to the castle to observe the different types of rocks that we could see, stopping by the pillbox before heading to the Golf Club for Lunch. We headed back up to school to start our new PE unit (Hip-Hop). They gave it an excellent go, and I'm sure we will make dancers of them all by the end. We also finished our science and geography lessons.